Message from the East – October 2020

Our October 2020 Stated Meeting will be an away game. We are traveling into uncharted territory and this will be a new experience for us as a Lodge. Having a Stated Meeting in a different location has many challenges, we will all have to try to be understanding of the situation and make the best of it. It is very important that all Members wishing to attend RSVP, as we will need an accurate count of our attendees to comply with the safety guidelines of our Lodge and the guidelines of Manheim Lodge 587.

Please be safe Brethren.


Paul M. Allen
Worshipful Master

Message from the East 9/3/20

September 3, 2020
Unfortunately, I have been directed by the Grand Lodge to cancel the September Stated Meeting that was planned to be held at the Lancaster Masonic Center on September 9, 2020 at 7:30 pm. This cancellation was directed by the PA Grand Lodge in conjunction with the advisement of the District 1 Safety Committee. This cancellation is Covid-19 Virus Health related. Lodge No. 43 is working towards having an October Stated Meeting on 10/14/2020. I will communicate the information on this Meeting as it develops. Please be safe Brethren.


Paul M. Allen
Worshipful Master
Lodge No. 43 F. &A.M.

Message from the East August 2020


The times we are enduring are unprecedented. We can only imagine, given the length of our Lodge’s History, that Lodge No. 43 has had many difficult times. What we are experiencing right now has to be recognized as a difficult time. This Lodge has faced wars, political disputes, disease, and natural disasters. Brethren, we are living through a pandemic that cannot be ignored. There is a new definition of “what is safe?” Our safety can be jeopardized by breathing, touching or ingesting this invisible enemy. Our way conducting our everyday life has been interrupted.
Can I guarantee my Brothers safety? I have been struggling with this question a lot. As Worshipful Master, I must make difficult decisions that could affect the wellbeing of those who I truly care about. Should I have a Meeting and risk anyone with the exposure to this virus? This is a great question and I am not alone in the asking of it. I am following the direction of our Masonic Hierarchy. I will strive to provide the best environment possible to conduct our business.

Brethren, Be Safe


Paul M. Allen
Worshipful Master
Lodge No. 43 F. &A.M.

Message from the East

Due to the present conditions of the COVID-19 Virus outbreak, our Governor has mandated that no meetings or gatherings of more than 25 people are allowed. This is also dependent on the size of the gathering area and maintaining the 6 foot social distancing. This creates a challenge for our Lodge. The challenge is due to the fact that we normally have 60 or so Members present for our Stated Meetings. Therefore, there will not be a Stated Meeting in August. The Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania, by the Order of R.W. Grand Master Thomas Gamon, IV has given the PA Masonic Lodges the authority to pay bills and conduct all other necessary business that is needed to keep the Lodges operating through this crisis.
The R.W. Grand Master has directed the Masonic Districts and each Lodge to appoint safety committees to properly recommend safety practices be utilized for the PA Lodges to meet under the guidelines of the PADOH (Pennsylvania Department of Health) and  CDC (Centers for Disease control).
These Safety Committees have been appointed and the Chairmen and Members are listed below. I have included in this campaign the safety guidelines that are in place currently. Please note the safety guidelines are a moving target and can be subject to change daily.
On August 1, 2020, the Lancaster Masonic Center suffered a sprinkler pipe event on the fourth floor in the West side of the Blue Lodge Room. Water flooded the area and leaked down through the floors of the building. The damage was contained and a restoration company was called in by the Masonic Center Board of Governors. The damage will most likely make the Masonic Center unusable for Meetings for several months. The damage is still being investigated. It was reported to me that the Lodge No. 43 property damage is mainly some furniture. Further information will be released as it becomes available.

Lodge No. 43 and its Officers wish the best for all our Members and their Families. Promoting the safety of our Members is our number one priority. We will continue to follow the advice of our District and Lodge Safety Committees as we move forward through this pandemic crisis.

If someone is in need of help, please contact me at:

or our Secretary at:

The Lodge No. 43 phone number (717) 316-0043 is now connected to a live answering system. The Lodge Secretary can now answer this phone if he is available. Leave a message if he is not available at the time of your call.
Lodge No. 43 has been and will continue to be proactive in its approach to communication during this time of pandemic. We are utilizing Zoom video chat meetings to keep the communications of our Officers and Committees open and continue to address Lodge business. The First District has also been using this form of communication with great success.
Please continue to use the safety guidelines set by the medical experts to prevent the spread of this terrible outbreak. Reach out to the other Members of our Lodge, check on them, and report to us so we can provide any help that is necessary.

Paul M. Allen
Worshipful Master

Lodge No. 43 F.& A.M.
Lancaster, PA

Lodge 43 Community Needs Grant Application 2020

Application Deadline is March 31, 2020

2020 Lodge 43 Community Needs Grant Application for Financial Assistance

Name of Organization

Mailing Address


Contact Phone


E-Mail Address

Web Site

Mission and Brief History of Organization:

Is this your first grant application to our Club ? Yes No

Is the organization a 501C3 status? Yes No Tax


Number of Employees: Number of Volunteers:

Other Sources of Financial Support (e.g. United Way,


Amount Requested: $

Intended Use of Funds: (Please include a description of the number, ages and character of the people who will most benefit from this assistance)

Other Supporting Information:

The following items should accompany your proposal:

1. A cover letter using your organization’s stationery.

2. A roster of your Board of Directors and Officers.

3. A current budget for the organization.





Please send the completed request to:

Secretary, Lodge 43 216 West Chestnut Street

Lancaster, PA 17603 All applications must be received by March 31, 2020

Message From The East Feb 2019

As we move forward through the cold months of winter, I am reminded that spring is just around the corner. With spring comes the warmth and the light of the sun. We may have begun our lives in the cold and the dark, but Freemasonry has brought us to the light. Let us continue down that path of light and assist our Brethren from drifting back into the darkness. At our recent Officer’s Workshop, the question was asked, “What is the purpose of your Lodge?” While many answered this by saying to “Make good men better,” and “To make Masons,” The Officers of Lodge No. 43 were in unanimity by saying that we should advance our Brethren through education, charity, and fellowship.
I couldn’t agree more. While the Officer’s are here to help and guide the Lodge, it is the strength and the fraternal bond of the membership that can help us to accomplish any goal. Brethren, if you know of or see any Brother that may be drifting back into the darkness, please do your best to guide him back into the light. It is part of our obligation to help, aid, and assist, but this does not have to be done alone. The strength of our Lodge shown best when we work together. Whether it be through education, charity, or fellowship, we have the ability to keep ourselves and our Brethren in the light.

Todd A. Bennicas, WM