The Cornerstone of Freemasonry: 2024

In the grand tapestry of Freemasonry, each symbol, each tradition, holds profound meaning, shaping our journey as Masons. Among these, the concept of the “cornerstone” stands paramount, especially as we welcome our new Worshipful Master, John Singer Jr., who has fittingly chosen “The Cornerstone of Freemasonry” as his guiding theme for Lodge 43.

Historically, the cornerstone is the first stone set in the construction of a masonry foundation. It’s vital, as all other stones are set in reference to this stone, thus determining the position of the entire structure. In the context of Freemasonry, this cornerstone isn’t just a physical entity; it represents our foundational values — brotherhood, truth, and ethical living.

Freemasonry, with its rich history, has always been akin to a grand edifice, built upon principles that date back centuries. These principles, or the “foundations” of Freemasonry, include brotherly love, relief, and truth. They are the bedrock upon which we build our personal and collective growth. Last year the “foundation of freemasonry” was the theme prescribed by Brother Doug Scheid, PM. Therefore the cornerstone, in this allegory, is a symbol of how we, as individual Masons, embody these principles in our daily lives.

Worshipful Master John Singer Jr., whose vision for Lodge 43 is a beacon of inspiration. By emphasizing the cornerstone, he invites us to not only honor our foundational principles but to actively live them out. It’s a call to each member to be a cornerstone in their own right — stable, strong, and setting the direction for others.

This vision is particularly resonant today. In a world brimming with change and uncertainty, the steadfastness of the Masonic cornerstone provides not just stability but also a path forward. It reminds us that while our principles are unchanging, their application must evolve with the times. Worshipful Master Singer Jr.’s theme is thus not a mere nod to tradition, but a vibrant, living philosophy that adapts and thrives.

For Lodge 43, this is a moment of renewal. As we gather under the leadership of Worshipful Master Singer Jr., we are reminded of the weight and honor of our roles as Masons. Each of us is a cornerstone in this grand edifice of Freemasonry, shaping not just our lodge but also the wider community.

In embracing “The Cornerstone of Freemasonry,” we are committing to be exemplars of our foundational values, to support one another in brotherhood, and to look towards the future with optimism and strength. The journey ahead is bright, with each of us playing a pivotal role in upholding and advancing the noble traditions of our esteemed fraternity.