Upcoming Initiatives for 2024

There are several new initiatives that are in process for your awareness.

1. Twenty-Five Year Lodge 43 Anniversary Book (1985-2010) – Brothers Dick Mason and Jim Stephens P.M. worked together to prepare information for the long overdue 1985-2010 Twenty-Five Year Lodge 43 Anniversary book. Their information was submitted to Grand Lodge for approval, from which we recently have received their authorization to proceed. The book in now in the production stage and we hope to have it available very soon for all members of Lodge 43.

2. James Buchanan Statue Project – Lodge 43 will be undertaking a project to have the James Buchanan Statue which stands in Buchanan Park professionally cleaned this year. The statue has not been cleaned since 2003. The bronze statue was the creation of Charles Galfy. Charles Galfy was a Philadelphia sculptor, and a professor at the Philadelphia School of Art. Galfy created the Buchanan bronze statue in 1925. This year will mark its 99th year. It was placed in the Buchanan Park in 1928. Lodge 43 will be using the professional services of A.R.T. Research which is a local firm that specializes in conservation/restoration services. The Lodge is looking to have the work performed this spring and afterwards host a celebratory event to commemorate the James Buchanan statue. There are only two full size statues of James Buchanan in existence. One in Washington DC and the one in Buchanan Park. Contributions and/or donors to this project will be gratefully appreciated. Anyone wishing to contribute to this project should contact Brother Nat Gilchrist P.M. at gilchristnat@comcast.net