Lodge No. 43 Visits Brethren Village Brothers

lodge43-416On Friday, February 22, 2013, the residents of Brethren Village and nearby communities got together for lunch and fellowship at the Brethren Village Banquet room. Eleven members were attendance. Thanks to the efforts of Bro. Frank Fryburg, who organized the lunch after Lodge No. 43 previously visited the brethren in January and proposed an idea to have an ongoing meeting to provide fellowship for some of the brothers who are unable to get to lodge. Bro. Tom Hopta, P.M. presented at the lunch about what has been happening at the lodge meetings over the past year and also what changes were made during the 2010 Masonic Renaissance. Since a lot of the brethren worked in the local community they were able to reminisce about their working days and talking about the changes in industry from the past 60 years. Each brother had a turkey or ham club sandwich. After the meeting was coming to a conclusion the brethren voted as to the frequency to meet. The brethren agreed to a quarterly ongoing meeting. The next meeting is tentatively set for the end of May and all brethren even from other lodges are invited to attend. For  more information or to be added to the contact list please contact Bro. Frank Fryburg at 717-560-1222.