A Past Masters Perspective – Brother H. K. Swisher

Feast“There are a lot of wonderful experiences to be had in Freemasonry; many avenues to pursue, many people to meet, and so many friendships that are made. Of the time I have invested with my Fraternity in one capacity or another, one of the most treasured experiences has been that of serving as Worship Master. I have been fortunate to have had more than my fair share of Fraternal recognition and accolades, but involving myself in the officer line in my Blue Lodge has been the most rewarding, and the election to Worshipful Master of a Lodge, the unmatched pinnacle of Masonic experience. My fellow Past Masters know exactly what I am saying. Perhaps it is the place where so many men start their journey in Masonry; they develop associations, friendships, and share experiences that are unique and wonderful.

CodThe cliché that you only get out of something what you put into it, from my experience, is simply not true. I have gotten so much more out of my fraternal experience then I ever put into it, and I have put in a lot, so the treasure of that investment is better than all the riches in the world. Being Worshipful Master is not about the recognition, formality, schedule, duties, responsibilities, or the ritual. It is about the journey, the camaraderie, the support and the mentoring from so many talented men that have in their hearts your welfare and your success.

OntMomFrom my perspective, being Worshipful Master was pretty cool, and being a Past Master, a wonderful badge of distinction. If you are looking for something that can not be bought or found elsewhere, help your Lodge, get involved, and think about getting in the line. “



Lodge No. 43, F. & A. M.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Whereas, the practice of Freemasonry remains strong and steadfast in the County of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and for its own part, Lodge No. 43, Free & Accepted Masons rededicates itself to the engagement of all its members, but most especially those that are residents of the Masonic Village of Elizabethtown.

Whereas, involving the newest members of our lodge and the fraternity is in the best interest of Freemasonry and directly results in better practice, understanding, and appreciation of the craft; and

Whereas, it is our duty to make certain our brothers that are residents of the Masonic Village deserve our oversight and they are not in want,; and

Whereas, Lodge No. 43, F. & A M. recognizes that some of our brothers, now in their golden years, may have special needs or require our assistance in some way, ; and

Now, I, Brother Thomas E. Hopta, Worshipful Master of Lodge No. 43, F. & A M., hereby declare and proclaim that the 21st day of April, 2012, shall be ever known as an official day of visitation and brotherhood among all the members of this lodge residing at the Masonic Village; that it is my will and pleasure that as many members of this lodge that are not a resident of the Masonic Village shall visit those that are; that our purpose to visit our brethren that are residents of the Masonic Village in Elizabethtown is to provide fellowship and determine any special needs or requirements; and by this proclamation, let it be known to all members of Lodge No. 43, F. & A M. that this lodge will never forget our brothers that are residents of the Masonic Village of Elizabethtown.

I hereby encourage and request that all members of Lodge No. 43, F. & A M. that possibly can visit the Masonic Village of Elizabethtown on April 21 st, 2012, to participate in our -offici-al day of visitation.

I hereby affix my signature this 14th day of March, 2012 AD., 6012 AL.

Thomas E. Hopta Worshipful Master


George G. Sheldon, Jr. Secretary

RWGM and Brothers from Lancaster

Masons by Frank Tunis

Photo from the 1/10/12 Open Meeting at the Masonic Center of Lancaster County. The newly Elected RWGM sits in front, surrounded by Grand Lodge Officers and dignitaries. Note our very own Illustrious Brother Charles A. Achey, Jr. ,Past District Deputy Grand Master standing right behind the new RWGM. Our DDGM front row seated far left