Secretary of Lodge No.43 F&AM

Brethren, In reflecting on this year as Secretary of Lodge No.43 F&AM it occurred to me how very little I knew about the job when I was elected last December and it was only with the help and understanding of my Brothers that I was able to make it through. While there were many who helped me I’d like to give special thanks to Brothers Jason H. Lewis, Jeffrey S. Moyer, PM, James A. Malone, PM, L. Kenneth Bray, III, WM, all the other Officers of Lodge No. 43 F&AM and Assistant Secretary Bro. Clifford E. Fromm, without his efforts the Monthly Notices would not have been published.

I made some mistakes and I appreciate the understanding and patience that was provided to me. Thank you again to all my Brothers; it was my pleasure to serve as Secretary this year. I hope you all have a very Happy and Healthy Holiday Season!

Douglas M. Wiker, P.M., Secretary