Pennsylvania Academy of Masonic Knowledge

Last evening, Past Master, Brother Ken Bray, gave a presentation about the Pennsylvania Academy of Masonic Knowledge. Brother Bray mention when joining a lodge there is so much information thrown at you, “it’s like trying to drink from a fire hose!” He continued with sharing about his experience going through the chairs and learning about the business of Freemasonry, but always wondering “what does this all mean?”

“Sometimes it’s like a carrot is dangled in front of us, and we think if we join another appendant body, or get one more degree we’ll find the answer”, he continued. “But for me, the real answers came when I joined the Pennsylvania Academy of Masonic Knowledge, and took the time to research topics on my own, with the assistance and encouragement from my mentors.”

If you’d like to learn more about the PA Academy of Masonic Knowledge and join, you can find the registration form HERE. (Please note, this program is only available to Pennsylvania Masons)