New Masonic Business Directory

The First Masonic District of PA has a new Masonic Business Directory for the purpose of making Brothers in The First Masonic District of PA aware of business owners who are Masons, and members in good standing of a PA Lodge. To be listed in this Masonic Business Directory the individual must be a Mason in good standing in his Lodge, and a business owner.

The purpose is simply to note that these business are owned by Masons, and does not endorse any business listed. Anyone that wishes to be listed in the Masonic Business Directory herein will have to be approved by Larry A. Derr, P.M., D.D.G.M., or his team of three Past Masters to review, and confirm the business owner is a Mason, the business owner and a member of a PA Lodge. It is not intended that this Masonic Business Directory competes with the PA Grand Lodge listing which is also available to all PA Masons. We believe this will serve as an optional resource, and tool for the Brothers who may look to do business with other Masons when possible.