Mozart in Masonry of great men that have left their mark on the world were Masons.  One such man, was the Austrian composer, Mozart. On this day (January 27, 1756) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born.

Mozart, rather than joining a “mainstream” leading lodge at the time [Zur Wohltatigkeit Lodge], Mozart joined a smaller lodge of his friend Franz Joseph Haydn [Zur Wahren Eintracht Lodge]. Source: “The Freemasons”, by Jasper Ridley. Although, this information seems to vary between internet sources. Where we find:

Mozart’s lodges. Mozart was admitted as an apprentice to the Viennese Masonic lodge called “Zur Wohltätigkeit” (“Beneficence”) on 14 December 1784. He was promoted to journeyman Mason on 7 January 1785, and became a master Mason “shortly thereafter”.” Source:

“The Freemason”, by Jasper Ridley is in the recommended reading list for all Pennsylvania Acadmey of Masonic Knowledge participants.

The follow excerpt is from a paper written by L. Bray III for the Academy of Masonic Knowldge: “Ridley writes that Mozart would write and compose masonic pieces, designed to propagate Masonry and also to honor Masons of nobility that had passed away. Interesting enough, Mozart has passed away at the age of 35, shortly after composing “The Magic Flute”. Anti-masonic parties at the time said that he was murdered for revealing the secrets of Freemasonry, but those claims were quickly silenced as nothing was revealed in the composition and “The Magic Flute” became old news.

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