Brethren, I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone for the well attended Stated Meetings over the course of the past year. There is nothing more satisfying than to look out from the East and see a Lodge room full of Masons. Since coming back from summer break it has been my goal to focus on Masonic Education. I plan to continue to tailor our programs to be insightful and educational. I appreciate the positive feedback in regard to our past programs and have passed those kind words to our guest speakers. Pennsylvania Masons have an excellent opportunity to expand their Masonic knowledge by joining the Academy of Masonic Knowledge and getting involved in the Masonic Scholar Certification Program. This month Brother Michael Moran will be speaking to our membership about everything the Academy has to offer, and how YOU can get involved and take advantage of such a wonderful and unique program. To the best of my knowledge, Pennsylvania is one of the few Masonic jurisdictions offering this type of educational program. I hope you will join me in welcoming Brother Moran to our Lodge and look forward to another well attended Stated Meeting.
Your humble Servant,

L. Kenneth Bray III, WM