Lodge No. 43 Strawberry Social

Lancaster, PA – Lodge No. 43 hosted the June Stated Meeting where officers and members enjoyed a condensed version of a meeting to accommodate a few special programs. While the lodge conducted its regular business, vvisiting brethren from Abraham C. Treichler Lodge No. 551 successfully captured the First Masonic District flag. The lodge concluded the meeting harmoniously and warmly welcomed District Deputy Grand Master Ronald B. Carson. DDGM Carson attended to pay tribute to a 60-year member of our fraternity. Following the recognition of our esteemed 60-year member, various appendant bodies including York Rite, Scottish Rite, Amaranth, High Twelve, and Uber Grotto delivered presentations.

At the conclusion of the presentations Worshipful Master D. Scheid asked each to share their struggles, and not an uncommon response was echoed by each: lack of awareness and/or lack of members/participation.

Worshipful Brother Scheid concluded with how sharing resources and talents within the Masonic fraternity holds significant importance. By pooling resources, members can leverage their collective strengths to better support one another. The fraternity’s principles of brotherly love and mutual assistance foster an environment where members willingly offer their unique skills and expertise for the greater good. This collaboration allows for a more effective and impactful utilization of resources, enabling lodges and appendant bodies to make a positive difference not only within themselves, but within society.

Sharing talents promotes personal and professional growth among brethren. By engaging in knowledge exchange and mentorship, members can learn from each other’s experiences, broaden their skill sets, and develop as individuals. Ultimately, the Masonic fraternity thrives when its members actively participate in the spirit of sharing, as it strengthens the bonds of brotherhood and enables them to collectively contribute to the betterment of their communities.

Respectfully submitted and all photos by: Brother K. Bray III, PM