House Bill 928

The House Finance Committee will be voting on a bill next Tuesday, March 19th. The bill is House Bill 928 (Cutler) which amends the Institutions of Purely Public Charity Act to specifically make exempt fraternal organizations operating under the lodge system that have been operating in the commonwealth for at least 100 years and have 501(c)(5), (8), or (10) status under the Internal Revenue Code.

Link to the Bill

Link to Contact your Representative

The Grand Lodge and its subordinate lodges would qualify for this huge relief.

Permission is being granted for you to write, call, or email your PA representatives, or the PA House Finance Committee, in support of the approval of House Bill 928. A suggested letter would be as follows: “I am a Pennsylvania Mason and I encourage you to vote in favor of House Bill 928. Our Masonic Lodges need this tax relief in order to maintain our buildings, and to continue providing valuable community service and grass-root charitable activities, which benefit the general public and
relieve the government of substantial economic burdens.”