From the movie Gettysburg, here is the scene of the wounding of General Armistead.

In the movie, they show the General falling after rallying his troops for Old Virginia. He put his hat on the tip of his sword so his men could follow him in the wall of Union fire and steel. The General fell at the wall, mortally wounded. What is not shown in the movie is the Masonic part of the story. You will notice a little of the Brother Helping Brother.

Of course, the story of Brother Helping Brother tells so much about our fraternity.  Memorial Day 2013 will be historic in Gettysburg – our Right Worshipful Grand Master will be rededicating the Friend Helping Friend Memorial, which is located close to the place where Lincoln gave his address.  It will be a day that everyone will remember for years, if not decades.

You can still be a part of it – bus tickets are still available from Lodge No. 43.