From The Chair of the Chaplain Lodge 43

PRELUDE:  A very dear close friend and brother, pointed out to me my previous publication, content a heartfelt and encouraging message. My dear friend and brother understood my Christian heritage. He enlightens me: “However, it was delivered like a sermon from the pulpit of a black Pentecostal church. You must keep in mind that your intended audience shares various experiences and spiritual believes.” I will take my brother’s input to heart and keep in mind his loving and caring advice.  “I guess it’s true, you can take the man out of the pulpit, but you can’t take the church, the man.”


Great Architect of the universe, in your infinite wisdom, you already know our brothers’ financial troubles, and how they can be solved. We trust that there is no problem that is too great for you. Please help us now to be filled with hope in you. Guide my mind to be set on the good and perfect things, and not troubled by the things of this world. I trust that your plan for our life is good. I pray that you would grant a special encouragement to my brothers and their families. Be there to grant comfort instead of pain, joy instead of sorrow, and peace instead of heartache. Please provide a lifted spirit and a renewed hope. You are an infinite supplier of encouragement for those who love the Masonic fundamentals and give all of you gifts and privilege be granted to our fraternity, the way you have granted it to me.

Thank You for all you provide. Amen.
Brother, Kenneth F. Hudson, Sr.


Chaplain Lodge 43