From The Chair of the Chaplain Lodge 43

PRELUDE:  A very dear close friend and brother, pointed out to me my previous publication, content a heartfelt and encouraging message. My dear friend and brother understood my Christian heritage. He enlightens me: “However, it was delivered like a sermon from the pulpit of a black Pentecostal church. You must keep in mind that your intended audience shares various experiences and spiritual believes.” I will take my brother’s input to heart and keep in mind his loving and caring advice.  “I guess it’s true, you can take the man out of the pulpit, but you can’t take the church, the man.”


Great Architect of the universe, in your infinite wisdom, you already know our brothers’ financial troubles, and how they can be solved. We trust that there is no problem that is too great for you. Please help us now to be filled with hope in you. Guide my mind to be set on the good and perfect things, and not troubled by the things of this world. I trust that your plan for our life is good. I pray that you would grant a special encouragement to my brothers and their families. Be there to grant comfort instead of pain, joy instead of sorrow, and peace instead of heartache. Please provide a lifted spirit and a renewed hope. You are an infinite supplier of encouragement for those who love the Masonic fundamentals and give all of you gifts and privilege be granted to our fraternity, the way you have granted it to me.

Thank You for all you provide. Amen.
Brother, Kenneth F. Hudson, Sr.


Chaplain Lodge 43

Masonic Youth Scholarships

Pennsylvania Masonic Youth Foundation

The Pennsylvania Masonic Youth Foundation maintains an Educational Endowment Fund, from which scholarship awards are made annually to deserving recipients, to date over 725 awards have been given totaling $1.1 million dollars.

Applications are due March 15, 2019

Please follow the link below for the Scholarship Resource Guide, this has all the available scholarships and grants available from various Masonic bodies.

Here is the link for the application instructions:

And here is the link to the application itself:

Additional Masonic Youth information can be found on the website:

Community Needs Grant Awarded to Off the Streets Lancaster

Last night Lodge No. 43 issued a $1,000 Community Needs Grant to Off the Streets, Lancaster.  We were honored to offer this grant to such a noble and honorable organization. Off the Streets works to get currently homeless people out of shelters and the streets into housing.

More information about Off the Streets can be found on their website, and Facebook page.


If you’d like to help support Off the Streets, you can make a tax deductible donation to the organization, volunteer your time, or donate furniture.  Off the Streets can be found:

Off The Streets – Lancaster PA
601 East Delp Road
Lancaster PA 17601

Message from the East – May 2018

Brethren, Lodge No. 43 is faced with a unique problem.  We have been receiving an overwhelming amount of petitions from men interested in joining this great fraternity.  I would encourage you to please support these men on their Masonic journey by attending our extra meetings.  It would mean a lot to this lodge, to our fraternity, and to these men, to have the doors of Freemasonry thrown wide open to receive them and to be greeted by a large audience of supportive Brothers.

I would also encourage you to make the most of your Masonic journey and pursue the Master Builders, Master Craftsman, or Master Pillar Awards.  These certificate programs are designed to get you involved so that you may experience all Masonry has to offer.  No fathomable value can be placed on such an experience, and I can assure you, you will reap the benefits of your labors.

On a final note, please be sure to support your Lodge and the First Masonic District’s Relay for Life Team, “Freemasons for a Cure”.  The Relay for Life holds a very dear spot in my heart, having lost so many family members to Cancer over the years, and I know I’m not alone.

Please note: Unfortunately we will not be hosting a Benefit Dinner on Sunday, May 6th, due to lack of participation. As mentioned above please support our District’s Relay for Life team, and mark your calendars for Friday, June, 8th through Saturday, June 9th. Come out and join us at the Conestoga Valley high School track as your schedule permits, bring the family for this wonderful FREE event. So much of our charity is done behind closed doors that this is an opportunity for Freemasonry to be on display, please help me make this another successful year.

I look forward to seeing you at our next upcoming stated and extra meetings!

Your Humble Servant, L. Kenneth Bray III, WM.

Worshipful Master’s Book Club

Join the Worshipful Master on an informative discussion about the Pennsylvania Academy of Masonic Knowledge, and a book evaluation of “The Builders” by Joseph Fort Newton. This discussion will be live streamed on YouTube and will allow for you to interact via the YouTube chat function. Please remember all discussions will be open to the public, and on the level, govern yourselves accordingly.

Link: HERE

Cant join us? Don’t worry, this will be recorded for future reference.

First Masonic District Events

Brethren, as April approaches an end, I’d like to keep you informed about some upcoming events:
Saturday, April 21st, we will be hosting our Spring Blood Drive, beginning at 7 AM at the Lancaster Masonic Center.  This event concludes at 12 NOON, please come out and support the Children’s Dyslexia Learning Center of Lancaster.  $10 is donated to the Learning Center for every unit collected. A Valid form of ID is required in order to donate blood. For more information, please visit:
Thursday, April 26, beginning at 7 PM we will be holding an Extra Meeting for the conferral of three degrees, a meal will be provided at this meeting at no cost, please come out and support these candidates on their Masonic Journey.
Saturday, April 28th, is the James Buchana Celebration at the Woodward Hill Cemetary, please arrive at 9:45 AM to collect an apron.  Support our first ever District Deputy by helping us honor his life.
Saturday, April 28th, is also the Bridging the Gap dinner, held at the John Wright Restuarant in Wrightsville – this event is sponsored by the First and 42nd Masonic Districts.
Sunday, April 29th, at 2 PM I will be hosting an online discussion and book review of “The Builders” by Joseph Fort Newton and will be discussing how you can get involved in the Pennsylvania Academy of Masonic Knowledge and the basics to get you started. Please check the digital events notice in your email inbox for details.
Friday, May 4th, we will be hosting a First Friday event at the Lancaster Masonic Center, beginning at 6 PM.
Saturday, May 5th, we will be hosting a Pancake Breakfast and Open House with Lamberton Lodge No. 476 at the Lancaster Masonic Center.  The pancake breakfast begins at 7 AM, the cost is $5 per person, $3 for children 4 and under.