• Top Ten Masonic Books

    ALBERT L. EINOLF LIBRARY AND MUSEUM Article by NAT GILCHRIST P.M. The internet contains dozens of Top Ten Masonic Book lists recommended for every Freemason to read. The Lodge 43 […]

  • Important Blood + Organ Donor Updates

    The District One Masonic Blood Donation Committee has come up with a way for lodge members to get credit for each donation they make. Unfortunately, the old way where each […]

  • Pennsylvania Academy of Masonic Knowledge

    Last evening, Past Master, Brother Ken Bray, gave a presentation about the Pennsylvania Academy of Masonic Knowledge. Brother Bray mention when joining a lodge there is so much information thrown […]

  • A Treasure Hunt in the Archives of Lodge 43

    Today, many of us enjoy the various treasure hunt shows that are telecast regularly on the History and Discovery channels. They draw us in with their look backs into the […]

  • From The Chair of the Chaplain Lodge 43

    PRELUDE:  A very dear close friend and brother, pointed out to me my previous publication, content a heartfelt and encouraging message. My dear friend and brother understood my Christian heritage. […]

  • Masonic Youth Scholarships

    The Pennsylvania Masonic Youth Foundation maintains an Educational Endowment Fund, from which scholarship awards are made annually to deserving recipients, to date over 725 awards have been given totaling $1.1 […]