Brother Jack Harley, Man in the Mirror

Lancaster, PA – In the Stated Meeting of Lodge No. 43 on May 10, 2023, Brother Jack Harley, PM Ephrata Lodge No. 665, addressed the membership on the topic of “Cultivating Masonic Virtues – Man in the Mirror.” Brother Harley posed thought-provoking questions during his sppech, urging the craft to reflect on the legacies they would leave behind and to harness their skills/talents/interests for the betterment of the fraternity and the community.

During his speech, Brother Harley challenged the lodge to recall the Masonic virtues, prompting members to ponder where they had encountered these principles before. He revealed that the virtues, including diligence, prudence, temperance, and discretion, are prominently featured in the closing charge. Brother Harley explored the meanings and significance of these virtues in our daily lives, highlighting their often-neglected importance within the fraternity over the past five decades.

Brother Harley emphasized the need for education and exploration within the craft. He emphasized that we live in an era where vast amounts of information are readily available at our fingertips, and by actively seeking knowledge, members can make the most of their Masonic journey. For example, the PA Grand Lodge in addition to our own Musuem and Library offer great reasources. As an illustrative example, Brother Harley recommended the book “Hiram’s Way” and encouraged members to explore its teachings, as it had guided him on a path of Masonic Enlightenment.

If you’d like to make the most of your membership and to explore and understand the masonic virtues, there are several ways to accomplish enlightenment. First and foremost, research Freemasonry, seek masonic connections, attend events, read masonic literature, reflect on the teaches of the craft, embrace personal growth, and be sure to engage in the service of others.

Respectfully submitted and all photos by Brother K. Bray III, PM