Author: Ken

  • A Pictorial Tour of the Old Lodge Hall

    The Market House 1933, Lodge No. 43 F&AM – Lancaster, PA Preface Prior to the 1930’s there are no available pictures of the interior of the Old Lodge Room built […]

  • James Buchanan Statue Update

    Exciting News from Masonic Lodge No. 43! We are thrilled to announce that the James Buchanan statue (at Buchanan Park) has received a much-needed makeover! Thanks to the meticulous efforts […]

  • The Cornerstone – Old Lodge Hall

    Are you aware of the “Cornerstone” that is still in place in the Old Lodge Hall, the site of our glorious Old Lodge Room, on West King Street in Lancaster? […]

  • James Buchanan Statue Project

    Lodge 43 in partnership with the Lancaster City Office of Public Art and Urban Design, and the Office of Parks and Public Property will be undertaking a project to have […]

  • A Message from the Albert L. Einolf Library

    An inventory of the Albert L. Einolf Library has recently been completed. The inventory is reflecting over 150 books missing or currently out on loan. All of these missing or […]

  • Upcoming Initiatives for 2024

    There are several new initiatives that are in process for your awareness. 1. Twenty-Five Year Lodge 43 Anniversary Book (1985-2010) – Brothers Dick Mason and Jim Stephens P.M. worked together […]