2017 DUES

2017 DUES YOUR DUES TO DECEMBER 31, 2017 ARE $75.00. Your dues should have been paid by December 31, 2016. SECTION 6.01 The dues of each member shall be $ 75.00 dollars per annum. SECTION 6.02 “Dues are payable at the beginning of each year. Those owing dues will be suspended at the January Stated Meeting after having been given due notice. The Lodge may, at its discretion, postpone suspension to the April Stated Meeting, but no longer.

Fifty-year members and those members who are unable to pay their dues by reason of financial hardship determined after an investigation by the Lodge, shall not be suspended but may have their dues remitted. Fifty-year members shall not be suspended unless the suspension is approved by the Grand Master.” (Ahiman Rezon, Article 19.01, Digest of Decisions, Article 97.12). Dues remittance forms were included in the October mailer, and payments can be made online as well via Credit Card or Paypal at: https://lodge43.org/payments/

50 year members: Thank you for your continued service. Remittance forms were sent last month if you opted to support our charities. Your dues are waived otherwise.