From The Chair of the Chaplain Lodge 43: Faith


Greetings in the Name that is above all names,

This message to you today is all about FAITH.  Understanding we are living in perilous times.  Moreover, sometimes the only thing we can grab hold to what little faith we can muster up.

We consider a reading of Albert Mackey’s text on the subject of Faith as it pertains to Freemasonry. Distilled to a single word, Mackey gets to the essence of what that faith means in the fraternity and why it is so critical to the becoming of an Apprentice mason.

(Good Reading, use this downtime to research this topic)

In the theological ladder, the explanation of which forms a part of the instruction of the First Degree of Masonry, faith is said to typify the lowest round. Faith, here, is synonymous with confidence or trust, and hence we find merely a repetition of the lesson which had been previously taught that the first, the essential qualification of a candidate for initiation, is that he should trust in God.

In the lecture of the same Degree, it is said that “Faith may be lost in sight; Hope ends in fruition; but Charity extends beyond the grave, through the boundless realms of eternity And this is said, because as faith is “the evidence of things not seen,” when we see we no longer believe by faith but through demonstration; and as hope lives only in the expectation of possession, it ceases to exist when the object once hoped for is at length enjoyed, but charity, exercised on earth in acts of mutual kindness and forbearance, is still found in the world to come, in the sublime form of mercy from God to his erring creatures.

Now, It is your turn to seek those things that will increase and strengthen your faith. Here are a few suggestions to assist you and your family on your journey as you travel in this storm.

*Talk others about your uncertainties, and together there may be a resolution for all.

*Use this time to dive deeper into your spiritual experience. You may restore previous successful experiences.

*Turn a deaf ear to bad and unpleasant news. Speak words of enlightening, to uplift others around you.

If you have any questions or need to talk with me, please text or e-mail me anytime day or night.

Your brother in times of need…

Brother, Kenneth F. Hudson, Sr.
Chaplain Lodge 43