Worshipful Master Todd A. Bennicas

A Message from the Worshipful Master of Lodge No. 43


While many may shutter at the thought of the impeding winter as November is now upon us, let us instead think of the positive. November is a month of many things, but most importantly, it is the month for us to remember those who have served our country and a time for “Thanksgiving.” We have much to be thankful for. There are very few organizations around today that can trace their roots back to the time of the American Revolution. We are one of them. We have survived this long not because we are “lucky,” but because we have always held to our values and traditions, no matter what century it is. We have also remained strong by following the basic principles of our order; Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth. Let us continue to flourish by practicing these principles whether amongst strangers, friends, or family. This is the ultimate way that we can show our “thanks.” Instead of celebrating Thanksgiving, maybe we would better serve our fellows by practicing “thanks” by “giving.” As we all know, giving can be accomplished in many ways, not just financially. We will thank our veterans this month. Many of them have sacrificed much for our country and now continue to do so for our Lodge and the Fraternity. I am proud to be a veteran of U.S. Army, but nothing makes me prouder than to be a veteran of Lodge No. 43.

Todd A. Bennicas, WM Lodge No. 43 F.&A.M.

P1070932The statue of the Masonic Worshipful Master was carved in 1996 during Nat Gilchrist P.M. year as Worshipful Master. The intent was to have it passed each year to the incoming Master to enjoy in his home for the his year, then pass it on. Years of travel hasn’t taken its toll on him too badly, although his gavel has since broken off.

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