Worshipful Master Todd A. Bennicas

A Message from the Worshipful Master of Lodge No. 43


At the April Stated Meeting, we talked about the Charge at Initiation as part of our education.  The Charge states that Freemasons should understand the importance of God and faith, understand the importance of good and loyal citizens, and obey the laws of the state.  One other important topic mentioned in the Charge, is the importance of wages.  A Freemasons wages are not received in coins or in any other type of monetary value.  A Freemasons wages are paid in the knowledge of the human heart; its dependence upon love and friendship, its eagerness to give for the love of giving, its humble hope of receiving for the simple human joy of being beloved.  They are paid in knowledge which girds a man in armor through which misfortune, hard times, ill luck, cannot pierce.  They are paid in the security which comes from certain knowledge of millions of brethren sworn to your aid and support.  A Freemasons wages are paid in friends of the heart; friends who make life rich with its fairest treasures.  A Freemasons wages are paid in the knowledge of closeness to and communion with the Great Architect of the Universe.  In the practice of Freemasonry, a Mason draws close to God.  No man spends time in a lodge without having his faith strengthened; in days when mental confusion, doubt, debate and argument undermine beliefs less solidly founded, the firm foundation for simple beliefs which comes from Freemasonry is surely not the least of the coins in which a mason receives his wages.

Todd A. Bennicas, WM Lodge No. 43 F.&A.M.

P1070932The statue of the Masonic Worshipful Master was carved in 1996 during Nat Gilchrist P.M. year as Worshipful Master. The intent was to have it passed each year to the incoming Master to enjoy in his home for the his year, then pass it on. Years of travel hasn’t taken its toll on him too badly, although his gavel has since broken off.

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