Worshipful Master Todd A. Bennicas

A Message from the Worshipful Master of Lodge No. 43


As members of this Lodge and loyal Freemasons, we understand that we are bound to one another by fraternal ties of a high and ennobling character.  Something else that binds us all together is a common belief in providing relief.  Relief is not just the act of giving monetary contributions to our Brethren or those in need, but relief can also be delivered through the acts of kindness and compassion.  Poverty can be a matter of the spirit as well as a matter of the pocket.  While not everyone may be able to help financially, we can certainly all help by providing brotherly love.  Many of our Brethren may be hurting or in need in ways that we may not see or understand.  Unless we extend the hand of friendship to all of our Brothers, we may never know that someone is in need of relief.  Pride can be a pillar of strength for some, but it can also be a hinderance for those in need of assistance.  Please make the conscience effort to reach out to everyone, not just those in the Lodge, but those that we may not have seen in a while.  Only by doing so, can we find and help those in need.  Even for those not in need, a friendly smile and a handshake will go a long way.

Todd A. Bennicas, WM

Lodge No. 43 F.&A.M.

P1070932The statue of the Masonic Worshipful Master was carved in 1996 during Nat Gilchrist P.M. year as Worshipful Master. The intent was to have it passed each year to the incoming Master to enjoy in his home for the his year, then pass it on. Years of travel hasn’t taken its toll on him too badly, although his gavel has since broken off.

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